sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017


Double-stranded helix, expanded snail under sliding drops on winding ladder steps like slow propeller. My eyes conjugate countless paths on space waves in the distance, while the structure turns impregnated of life between the meridians of the whole and the beauty.

Kisses in the treble clef,
arpeggios on a rhythmic harp
and linked species to four basic
pillars A, C, G, T supporting
bridges joined by words,

entries to the dictionary
of endless lines on the book
readed by the traveller next door,
while each one does reading cents
sublime bookmarks

between yarned chromosomes
which open at random, but close
with the same calligraphy the characters
of the progeny towards the mysterious
transmission of new life.

Poem dedicated to all the researchers that such incredible advances are achieving in the ADN field.
and an angel who fell from the sky

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